Irrigation Development in Rajasthan

Chambal Project (1935-54)
  • Started in 1935-54
  • It is a joint project of MP and Rajasthan to control flood in Chambal.
  • Irrigation facility to 10 lakh hectares of land.
  • Start from Janapur hills in MP.
  • Four dams are constructed on it.
  1. Gandhi Sagar Dam:
    • Built in 1959 in 1st phase in M.P.
    • Biggest water reservoir
    • Hydroelectricity production
  2. Kota Barrage:
    • Built in 1960 in 1st phase in Kota
    • It is the largest Hydroelectricity project of state
  3. Rana Pratap Sagar Dam:
    • In Chittorgarh in 2nd phase
    • It was constructed 33 Kms downstream on Chulia fall (Rawatbhata)
    • Maximum catchment area of state
    • Production of Hydroelectricity
  4. Jawahar Sagar Dam:
    • In Kota, in 3rd phase
    • It is a pick up dam
    • Used only for irrigation to 10 lakh hectare of land



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