Soil Conversation Techniques Adopted in the Rajasthan

Soil Conservation
  1. Adequate Drainage:
    The solution for salinity & Alkanity of soil is to provide of soil is to provide adequate drainage.
  2. Use of Gypsum:
    Use of gypsum which is abundantly and cheaply available in Rajasthan, is economical and long term solution to the problem
  3. Afforestation:
    Large scale planting of saplings which act as wind breaks
  4. Shelter Belts:
    In dry regions rows of trees are planted to check wind movement to protect soil cover.
  5. Contour Barriers:
    Stone, gross, soils are used to build barrier along contours. Trenches are made in front of the boomers to collect water.
  6. Grass Development:
    Plantation of trees & grasses on marginal and sub marginal land.
  7. Wind strip cropping:
    Grass and crop strip at right angle to wind direction.
  8. Stubble Mulching:
    Crop stubbles are left in the field and next crop planted with minimum tillage.
  9. Contour Bonding:
    Ravine land can be made cultivable by leveling followed by contour bonding.
    The medium and deep gullies can also be converted into productive wood lands.
  10. Proper Drainage System in canal Project Area:
    The problem of water logging can be checked and overcome by introducing proper drainage system in the canal project area.
  11. Dry Farming:
    D.F in and region is a method of conserving soil moisture preventing soil erosion.
  12. Rock Dam:
    Rock Dam is built to slow down its flow of water.
  13. Mulching:
    A layer of organic matter is made on soil. It helps to retain soil moisture.
  14. Intercropping:
    Different crops are grown in alternative rows to protect the soil form rain wash.
  15. Terrace Farming:
    Broad flat steps or terraces are made on the steep slopes so that flat surfaces are available to grow crops.
    They reduce surface run off & soil erosion.
  16. Contour Plugging:
    Plugging parallel to the contours of a hill slope to form a natural barrier for water to flow down the slope.


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