Soil Problems of Rajasthan

Soil Problems :-
  1. Salinity and Alkalinity:
    S & A of soils is a serious problem in some parts of Rajasthan Salinity is due to high water table permanent.
    Under this condition cultivation of some crops possible through certain specific cultural practices
  2. Wind Erosion & Shifting Sand Dunes:
    Shifting sand dunes poses a constant threat to crop production and also to general public facilities like rail tracks, highways and buildings etc.
    • The wind work as a powerful agent for erosion. Its action is twofold.
      The problem is two folded: to save the topsoil of arable land from erosion and to prevent the deposition of an agriculturally useless sandy cover.
  3. Ravine Lands:
    R. L. along the Chambal River & its tributary occupy considerable area.
    Shallow gullies can be made cultivable by leveling followed by contour bonding.
    The medium and deep gullies can also be converted into productive wood lands.
  4. Water Logging:
    With the introduction of canal irrigation system water table of the area is rising at an average rate of about 0.8 m per year. As a result of this large area has become water-logged and this area is increasing every year, it is a serious problem particularly in deep black soils. It is also known as war stagnation.
  5. Low Soil Moisture Storage:
    Sandy soils have low moisture storage.
    High evaporation & low capacity limit the availability of rain water for plant use.
  6. Sodality of Soil:
    Sodality of the soil and high residual sodium carbonate content of irrigation water are the main problems.


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