Rajasthan Rivers of Bay of Bengal Drainage System

Chambal River :-

Origin - Janpao Hills (Vindhayan Range) Over Madhya Pradesh
Length - 965 Km & Length in Rajasthan-370 Km
Districts - Kota, Bundi, Barana, Sawaimadhopur, Dholpur
Tributaries - Kali Sindh, Parbati
Other Name - Charmawati
i. Rana Pratap Sagar in Chittorgarh
ii. Kota Baraj in Kota
iii. Jhewah sagar
iv. Gandhi Sagar in Madhya Pradesh
Special Feature :-
It is the only Perennial River of Rajasthan
Kota Baraj is only used for Trrigation
Development of cheap Hydropower

Kali Sindh River :-

Origin – Dewas Hills (Madhya Pradesh)
Length- 278 Km
Districts - Jhalawar, Baran
Tributaries - Parwan, Niwaj, Aahu
Special Feature :- It is tributary of Chambal & it meet near Nonera village in Baran.

Parbati River :-

Origin - Northern slopes of Vindhyan Range
Length in State - 65 Km
Districts - Kota (Karyahat village) and in Madhya Pradesh
Special Feature: It is the tributary of Chambal and it meet near Poh village

Banas River :-

Origin – Khamnor Hills near Kumbhalgarh Fort in Rajsamand
Length - 480 Km
Districts - Tonk, Sawaimadhopur, Rajsamand, Bhilwara, Nathdwara, Kankroli, Railmagra, Ajmer and Chittorgarh
Tributaries - Bearch, Kothari & Khari, Dhund, Moral
Other name - ‘Hope of the Forests'
i. Bisalpur Dam in Tonk
ii. Bisalpur Dam in Sawaimadhopur
To provide drinking facility
Special Features:
It is the only river of state which has its entire course in Rajasthan
It finally meets the Chambal river near Rameshwaram very close Khandhar (Sawai Madhopur)

Berach River :-

Origin - Gogunda Hills, North of Udaipur district
Length - 190 Km
Districts - Udaipur, Chittorgarh
Other name - It is known as Aayar River from its origin to Udai Sagar Lake & thereafter, it is called Berach.
It is a tributary of Banas River & it meet near Bigod.

Kothari River :-

Origin – Diwer Hills, North of Rajsamand district
Length - 145 Km
Districts - Udaipur, Bhilwara
It is a tributary of Banas River & it meet near Bhilwara city

Khari River :-

Origin - Hills of Bijral village, North of Rajsamand district
Length - 80 Km
Districts - Rajsamand and Deogarh Town. It is a tributary of Banas River and it meet near Deoli (Tonk)

Banganga River :-

Origin - Hills of Bairath of Jaipur district
Length - 380 Km
District - Bharatpur
It is a tributary of Yamuna River and it meet in Fatehabad (Agra U.P.)
It causes floods & changes its course many times in Bharatpur district.
Its water spreads cut into several channels in Bharatpur and one main channel has now been diverted to Ajan Band (Bharatpur) which supplies water to Keoladev National Park.

Gambhiri River :-

Origin - Hills of Sawai Madhopur district
Length - 110 Km
Districts - Karauli, Bharatpur
Dam - Panchna Dam in Sawai Madhopur
Band Baretha have been built over it to tame its water.
It is a tributary of Yamuna River & it meet in Agra district.
It changes its course in many years.

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  1. Rajasthan drainage system in hindi. Please with map



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