Computer GK

Milliseconds means : (One Thousandth of a second)

A CPU performs : (arithmetic and logical operations)

The capacity of the main memory is measured in : (MB)

The first generation of computer used : (vacuum, tube technology)

PCI stands for : (Peripheral Component Interface)

AGP stands for : (Accelerated Graphics Port)

Assembler is a : (Program)

What does 'bug' indicate in computer terminology : (indicate errors in computer programs)

IC's are generally fabricated on : (Silicon)

What does DIP mean in computer terminology : (Dual in-line package)

An 8-bit chip has : (built-in 8 bit data transfer path )

What is single chip processor known as : (Microprocessor)

What is Hard Disk? (A set of magnetic plates fixed to a spindle one below the other)

HDD stands for : (High density disks )

What is a System Software?
(Collection of programs which is responsible for the operation and methodical working of the computers)

RAM means : (Random Access Memory)

ROM means : (Read Only Memory)

PROM stands for : (Programmable Read Only Memory)

EPROM stands for : (Erasable & Programmable Read Only Memory)

GB stands for : (Giga Bytes )

MB Stands for : (Mega Bytes)

What does MICR stand for? (Magnetic Ink Character Reader)

VDU means: (Visual Display Unit)

VGA stands for: (Video Graphic Adapter)

SVGA stands for: (Super Video Graphic Adapter)

Spam is: (A software program to track web users habits online)

The Internet organizer: (ARPA)

HTTP stands for: (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol)

FTP stands for: (File Transfer Protocol)

URL stands for: (Uniform Resource Locator)

WWW stands for: (World Wide Web)

HTML stands for: (Hyper Text Markup Language)

Yahoo Full Form : (Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle)

DRAM stands for: (Dynamic Random Access Memory)

CPU stands for: (Central Processing Unit)

Recycle Bin in Windows Contains: (Deleted items you can permanently remove or restore)

CD-ROM stands for : (Compact - disk Read Only Memory)

LCD stands for: (Liquid Crystal Display)

OMR stands for: (Optical Mark Recognition)

CAD stands for: (Computer Aided Design)

LAN stands for: (Local Area Network)

WAN stands for: (Wide Area Network)

CPS stands for: (Characters per second)

ISDN stands for: (Integrated Services Digital Networks)

TCP/IP stands for: (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol)

Fat stands for: (File Allocation Table)

NTFS stands for: (New Technology File System)

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